The Colombia List

As a natural planner, I like to make lists. Lists make me feel organized. Who doesn’t like lists? They keep me focused and help bring order to my chaotic life. Sometimes my lists are as simple as getting my daily tasks in order and other times, my list is never ending and challenged to complete. Do you know what I love most about making lists? Getting to cross off or place a check when I completed the task.

 Since there are so many of you who feel the same, I want to share my travel Lists with you.  I like to take my time to understand each country I visit and share those experiences with you so that your trip can reach its full potential. 

This is my Colombia List.  This country is so diverse, that I will share everything up by region. I find that this is the easiest way to tackle when planning to visit each destination.



  •  See a freshwater pink dolphin in the Amacayacu Natural Park
  • Eat a slice of Cazabes Pizza..or two
  • Drift between three countries: Brazil, Peru, and Colombia all in one day.



  •  Experience the Wayuu Culture Festival, held in Uribia, La Guajira
  • Catch the sunset within the walls of Cartagena
  • Find the Lost City of Sierra Navada
  • Count the fish under the water in the Rosario Islands


  • Be amazed by colors of the rainbows in Caño Cristales


  • Learn how to salsa in Cali
  • Take a selfie with a Humpback whale near Nuqui


What does your list look like? Don’t have one yet? I hope that this list got you thinking about the wonderful places you would like to see. Remember it’s never too late to start traveling. Just put your mind to it, save little by little, and in no time you’ll be getting on that plane so you can cross off your item!

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Remember when you give good, you get good





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