The Chile List

Chile List

As a natural planner, I like to make lists. Lists make me feel organized. They keep me focused. They bring order to my chaotic nomadic life. Sometimes my lists are as simple as getting my daily tasks in order and other times my list is never-ending and challenging to complete. Do you know what I love most about making lists?

Do you know what I love most about making lists?

Getting to cross off or place a check when I completed the task. Yes, it’s that simple. I love seeing a list of all its checks placed in all its boxes.

I want to share with you, my travel lists. Since I want to see everything in the Americas I can’t possibly just have one list. This list will focus on beautiful Chile. Believe it or not, but I still have a lot that I need to see but I want to cross a huge chunk of this list by the end of 2017.  Click over the crossed out item if you want to read more about it.


Central Valley

  • Visit all three houses of Pablo Neruda
  • Ride the Valparaiso antique funiculars
  • Eat a Chilean Empanada
  • Attempt to Ski
  • Visit a central valley winery
  • Skydive along the Andes Mountains
  • Hike through the National Park Siete Tazas
  • Kiss a Giraffe at Rancagua’s Parque Safari Chile


  • Watch a performance at the Teatro Municipal of Santiago
  • Ride the funicular and Teleferico at Cerro San Cristobal
  • Eat a completo
  • Drink a Piscola
  • Try a terremotto in La Pijoera 
  • Check out the view at Sky Costanera
  • Bike Ride through a vineyard
  • Trek a couple of mountains
  • Admire the Open Sky Museum
  • Watch the sunset from the Bai Hai Temple


  • Attempt surfing in Pichilemu
  • Visit the hot thermal baths in Chillan
  • Visit all 16 churches on the island of Chiloe (I’ve only seen 2)
  • Have a craft beer in Valdivia
  • Hike to the Salto del Itata
  • Drive through the Valley de Itata and experience one of the oldest wine routes
  • Drive around in the lake district
  • Hug some of the oldest trees in Chile in the Lake Districts

Extreme Austral Areas

What does your list look like? Don’t have one yet? I hope that this list got you thinking about the wonderful places you would like to see. Remember it’s never too late to start traveling. Just put your mind to it, save little by little, and in no time you’ll be getting on that plane so you can cross off your item!

Remember when you give good, you get good


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  1. This is awesome! It looks like you’ve gotten so many Chile Bucket List items checked off! I’ve always wanted to go to Chile, so I’ll definitely be using your list as a guide of what to do! 🙂

  2. All I could thing while reading this is “we could be friends!” LOL. I love lists also. I fell so accomplished when I can look back and see the things I have checked off of my list for the day! Keep making lists!

  3. I love crossing things off my to-do list, too, but I’ve never made a travel list like this. I love that Kiss a Giraffe is on your list 🙂

  4. I love your list idea! I like making lists as well, but I’ve never thought about making travel lists so specific. I love it. I’ll have to create my own…I think it’d be fun to create, and fun to do and be able to cross it off my list!

  5. Omg! Even I love lists. I think the OCD in me can empathise with you. There’s nothing like striking things of a list. Such small joys of life 🙂

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