5 Things to do in Santiago, Chile

Are you planning on going to Chile and have a few days in Santiago? Let me tell you that you will not be disappointed with the number of things that you can do in this vibrant capital city. The city is filled with museums, nightlife, street art, and delicious foods that will surprise all types of travelers.

I would suggest a minimum of 3 days if you want to just scratch the surface and get an essence of Santiago. If you want more, stay more! I also have a detailed description of different spots in Santiago, just check out my Best of Santiago Posts. But for now, check out my list of 5 fun things to do in Santiago:

Number 1: Free walking tours

I always always always check out if the city I’m visiting has free walking tours. They are so helpful in the sense of getting your feet wet and you can learn a lot about the city’s history and what fun events are currently happening in the city. You have several options to choose from and I think I’ve tried them all by now.  My favorite ones are from Tour 4 Tips. They have the best guides who love being guides (Yes, there are guides who get burnt out). Plus they make the tours fun, interactive, and you learn a lot. Their tours are available in English and Spanish.

Number 2: Museo Cielo Abierto

If you’re a lover of street art, you must check out this open air museum. Throughout Santiago, you will find street out but this place is special and worth the trip because you can find over 30 large 3 story murals that will take your breath away. It’s just a few blocks away from the metro station Departamental. You’ll find artwork from Chileans and international artists and its best to go in the morning so the sun is shining directly onto the murals. I went around 2 pm and the sun was already behind the walls.

Note: You won’t find any restaurants nearby so plan accordingly and there is no one guiding you through the murals. You’re pretty much on your own to sit and ponder about what the murals mean

Number 3: Bike and Wine Tour: La bicicleta Verde

Chile is famous for its wine so it would a natural urge to check out a local winery. I find that wine tours are pretty much the same around the world but when I found out that there is one in Santiago that lets you ride a bike through the vineyard I said this is MUST DO on my list. I went to one of the oldest winery in Chile, Cousiño Macul, located just a short ride away from the metro station Quillin. It was so much fun riding through the vineyard. We even made a pit spot to try our first bottle of wine.

We came back to check out the wine cellars and drink some more wine. You can visit a winery anytime of the year and it’s absolutely beautiful. I went during the winter so they were in process of pruning and all the leaves were a beautiful burnt orange color.


Number 4: Trekking to the Apoquindo Waterfall in Ramon’s National Park

Santiago sits in a large valley consisting of broad and fertile lands surrounded by the Andes mountain range and the Chilean Coastal Mountain Range. You can see mountains all over, and even in the city like the popular Cerro San Cristobal and St. Lucia. You can also climb these but if you’re looking for something that will feel like you left the city without actually leaving the city, I would highly recommend trekking to the Apoquindo Waterfall in Ramon’s National park which is between the Las Condes and La Reina municipalities. Just take the metro to station Principes de Gales that is on the Purple Line 4 and you can take a taxi to the entrance of the park.

The entrance price is 2.000 CLP and the park is open Sunday-Monday 8:00 AM-6:30 PM. Pack water, food, and wear good shoes. To go and come back from the waterfalls, you’re looking at about 17km in total so plan to go for the entire day. The last time I went with a group of friends we arrived around 10 AM and were back to our cars around 5 PM. Right in time for happy hour.

Number 5: Ride the Cable cars for the best view of Santiago.

I can’t forget to mention one of the most popular spots in Santiago, Cerro San Cristobal. There are several ways to reach the top but my favorite way is to take the funicular to the top from the Bellavista/Pionono entrance. Once you’re at the top stay towards your right until you reach the cable cars or in Spanish Teleferico. This 12-minute ride will give you the best view of Santiago. You can take it round trip or get off half way at Pedro de Valdivia and continue exploring the city. They are open Tuesday through Sunday and round trip cost 2.510 CLP.

Before you go:

Museums and/or government related activity are closed on Monday so plan accordingly. I hope you that this list has helped you plan your stay in Santiago. Remember to check out my other posts about Santiago and Chile for all your planning. Don’t hesitate to reach out if something wasn’t clear!

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