Wishing Bridge in Chile

There is a beautiful little bridge in a small beach town where you can write any wish you can dream of and leave it here so it will come true.

Located just 45 minutes north of Viña Del Mar, you can drive your own car or take a bus to Horcon. This small town offers a few tourist activities, plenty of restaurants to eat a delicious empanada and a few cabins to rent for the night.

The wishing bridge arrived to Horcon in 2014 to attract more people to their beach town. It’s a perfect alternative to the love locks that you see around the world and invites all people, not just lovers, to leave a wish and add a splash of color to this beautiful world.

Wishing Bridge Chile

This is a perfect spot to spend no more than two hours in total. If you’re going for the day you just need to park on the main street and walk down towards the ocean. Once you’re looking at the ocean the wishing bridge will be on your left-hand side. Start walking down the boardwalk until you reach the end where you will find an artisanal fair.

For 200 Chilean pesos, you can purchase a ribbon for the bridge or bring your own. The wishing bridge is located towards the end of the fair. There isn’t a lot of space so it may seem more crowded than it actually is. There are a few pens on the table for you to write down your wish and then you can tie your ribbon anywhere you want on the bridge.

And that’s about it. I personally liked this place a lot because it’s just so colorful and it’s interesting to see something different that brings positive energies to the planet. Plus, it’s totally Instagram friendly…Check out what I uploaded!

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