Foto-Ruta: Santiago City tour with a Twist

I’ve always wanted to take a photography course but I’ve just never found the right one that fits me. I love to take pictures but I also know that taking good quality photos takes lots of practice, time, and an eye for capturing the right moment.

Since starting my blog, I invested in a GoPro Hero 4 for my photos because I love how it captures more than a regular camera, especially for selfies, and it goes great with my outdoor adventure travels. I also use my iPhone 6s for close up or the other shots that the GoPro just doesn’t cut it.

Since returning to Santiago, I was on a serious hunt for photography classes that was going to be interactive and practical and I finally found one. I met Cat Allen, a freelance photographer from England and has been living in Chile for about 5 years. She runs the Santiago branch of Foto-Ruta, which offers a city tour of Santiago with a twist. There is a creative photography workshop that is customized to my camera and my level of skill. I immediately thought this is just what I’m looking for.

I meet with Cat together with my fellow blogger amiga Ale from Universo Viajero and we hit it off right away. Cat took the time to understand what cameras we like we use, what we already know, and what we hope to learn or improve. I personally wanted to capture unique moments in my city and improve my Instagram game for all you lovely people.

Foto-Ruta doesn’t have a designated route, which I loved because we really got to go anywhere we wanted to. Foto-Ruta also prefers to have no more than 4-5 people in a tour so that the guide can really focus one-on-one with you. We had total freedom to walk around the city and stop as long as we wanted. Cat would show us different things that would photograph well, explain why, and of course, I asked a million questions. I felt like I learned so much about what to look out that now I look at things totally differently.

When it comes to street art, which I think is one of the most difficult yet interesting things to photography, Foto-Ruta, suggested a couple of things:

  1. Justify everything in your frame
  2. Be patient
  3. Watch your background
  4. Seek out the interesting
  5. Take a different perspective

Cat does know her stuff about Santiago, but if you are looking for a historical or informational tour about the city, I would suggest doing a free-walking tour first and then getting together with Foto-Ruta to focus on photographing the history you just learned. My favorite free walking tours are Tours 4 tips and they offer free walking tours every day in Santiago, Valparaiso, San Pedro de Atacama and Viña Del Mar

The tour that I took with Foto-Ruta last approx. 4 hours and the last 30-40 minutes you’re enjoying a glass of wine and reviewing the images you just took. Cat also gave me a crash course on Instagram editing tools since I use them so often.

Overall, the tour was a huge help for me and I really feel that I have already improved quite a bit on my photography skills. I started to look at things while keeping in mind everything that Cat suggested. Being a good photographer takes time, patience, a little bit of creativity and a whole lot of energy. This Photography tour was so hands and informative at the same time that I wish I had spent the whole day with her in the Full day tour. Worth every single penny!

If you ever come to Santiago or any of the other destinations that Foto-Ruta is located in, you won’t be sorry. Check them out and make your reservation. There are currently 3 different tours available for Santiago  If you mention my name, Foto-Ruta Santiago will give you a 10% discount!

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