How To Drink Around the World at Epcot

drink at EpcotGrowing up I always found that Epcot was one of Disney World’s less-fun parks. The rides are slow, lots of shows, and Soaring was the only MUST DO. It’s funny how you remember things right?

Well now as an adult, I would say that Epcot is one of my favorite parks. Soaring is still my favorite ride and once I found out that you can do two of my favorite activities, Drink and travel, how can you NOT like Epcot. So I wanted to try the famous “Drinking around the world”, It was a challenge, but it was a fun day!

Before I begin. Let me start by telling you things that no one tells you will happen.

  1. You can’t go into any ride or show with any alcoholic beverage. I promise we tried. Nope. Not allowed.
  2. Not everyone at the world showcase is drinking around the world, I know. Families will stare and some might even give you the dirty look. Just try to be as respectful as you can. It is Disney after all, a family friendly magical place.

So we arrived at the park early to get everything in the Future world done so when 11 AM came around we could get down to business. We were faced with the making the decision on which country we wanted to start with. We all at the same time said “Mexico!”, and to Mexico we went:


Mexico offers a long list of deliciousness: Margaritas, Tequilas, Mexican beer and of course, lots of food. If you want to be more adventurous, go check out La Cava del Tequila, which located inside the Mexico pyramid for over 200 different tequilas.

My Pick:
  • Chicken Enchilada ($5)
  • Dos Equis Lager ($9)



This is when we started to notice that we couldn’t go into any line or any show with our drinks. So we just hung around until we got thirsty again. The Frozen ever-after ride wasn’t working when we went so we just enjoyed the Nordic scenery. I loved that the roofs had grass on them.

We were waiting in line for our beers and I started informing the entire group about the different options of beers that were available. I decided to play a little joke on our birthday girl and insisted that she tried the purple ale and it was an Icelandic specialty during this time of year. She totally fell for it and asked for it when it was her turn. Suzanne, who was the amazing cast member from Norway, was just as confused as the birthday girl. We all had a big laugh about it and proceeded to our drinking tour.

I would recommend anyone to try it to his or her friends and family members. My abs even got a workout from all the laughing. I had tears coming down my face.

  • Einstök Icelandic White Ale, $10


China at Epcot

By the time we went to China, I was feeling pretty good and wanted to enjoy the 10 dollars I just spent on my Icelandic white Ale so I opted to enjoy a delicious treat instead.

China has a number of specialty drinks and beers to enjoy. Don’t even get me started on the food. I wanted something sweet so I choose the holiday special dessert that tasted like a sweet dough wonton covered in powdered sugar. Yummy!

My Pick:
  • Pai Cha, $4


Germany at Epcot

Germany has the largest & most diverse selection of beer in Epcot. You have two main places: The Weinkeller store or the Beer cart. At the Weinkeller, you can sample different types and share with your group.

The lines here were incredibly long and even the town square, which is usually beautiful, colorful, and inviting where just jammed pack with people. I think it was just our timing and luck so we decided to move on to the next country.

If it wasn’t that crowded I would have gotten the Warsteiner Dunkel and a bag of Werther’s original signature caramel popcorn. The smell was mesmerizing.


Italy at Epcot

By the time we arrived in Italy, we made the executive decision to eat food. I think this was the best thing we could have done because who doesn’t love pizza…especially from Italy right? I personally think it’s the best food to soak up all the beer and to make room for more.

  • Peperoni Pizza, $8
  • Birra Moretti, $12

United States

 USA at Epcot

We didn’t spend too much time in the States since we were all experienced Epcot people and the movie that the pavilion is not that interesting and we were between shows at the American Gardens Theater.

We did, of course, grab another beer.

My Pick:
  • Yuengling, $8


I think Japan is my favorite pavilion. I’m so intrigued by Japanese culture that everything about this place was so interesting. We arrived just in time to watch a drum show and we all enjoyed it. We spent quite some time here in Japan because I really wanted to finish my Yuengling so that I can try the Kirin Frozen beer that everyone kept on tell me about.

The young Japanese woman suggested that I drink the beer through a straw because there is a thick layer of Frozen beer. Yes, it’s like a beer slushie. It doesn’t taste very good but it definitely keeps your beer cold the whole time.

My Pick
  • Kirin Frozen beer, $9


At this point, I’m sure people were looking at me like I was all-sorts-of-crazy drinking my Japanese beer with a Straw while walking through the streets of Morocco. There is a sentence you can also say while at Epcot. We didn’t eat or drink anything here, just enjoyed the view and relaxed a bit. There are a few options of drinks and they have Baklava, which is delicious.

United Kingdom:

So I know that France comes right after Morocco but I personally was starving and was craving some Fish and Chips. We went straight to the Yorkshire Fish stop for their best. It was pretty good and the seating outside was very enjoyable. We walked around the town and went into the shops. There is one shop that will tell you the origins of your name. It was pretty interesting.

My Picks:
  • Fish and Chips, $12
  • Bass Beer, $10

***Side note..there is a full-service bar in the United Kingdom called Rose and Crown pub. We didn’t go in because we knew that we would be crawling out at the end of the night. If you are up for…I challenge you.


This is the official last stop of the world showcase but we switched it up and did France last. There is a 14-minute 360-degree film that shows all the wonders of Canada. It’s fantastic

We then continued for some more beer before heading back to the future world because we wanted to ride Soaring. Yes I know it sounds dangerous.. but we like to live on the wild side.

My pick:
  • Moosehead draft, $9
  • Croissant-Donut, Free. (a lovely gentleman cast member was really into one my friend and he basically proposed with this donut. It was amazing)


France at Epcot

I don’t really remember what was the particular reason why we wanted to finish the night in France but that’s how our night ended. We enjoyed the Impressions of France show and we were hoping to enjoy some frozen red wine but they didn’t have it. I was still enjoying my moose head draft and decided that I wanted a crepe because I remember them being amazing.

They were not. It was the most disappointing way to end the night. The crepe was cold and the chocolate sauce was watery. Is Disney going cheap with its sauces or was it a coincidence that in both Mexico and France this happened…

My Pick:
  • Chocolate Crepe, $5

Friends at Epcot

Overall the day was amazing and I had a blast drinking around the world. It’s definitely something that you can do more than once because there are so many options of food and drinks that you don’t have to repeat anything if you don’t want to. I would probably only do this once a year because it does kind of take a toll on your wallet ($ 101 for those who were counting)

I would definitely recommend staying until the end of the IllumiNations Firework show. It’s beautiful. Try and watch it from anywhere between Canada and Mexico. They have to best views.

Remember when you give good, you get good


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