5 Rides You Must Try at Universal Studios Orlando

For 2017, Trip Advisor said that Universal Orlando was the best theme park in Orlando. It’s hard for me to judge because I really feel like that each park in Orlando has its specialty. That’s also what makes Orlando a destination for all ages.

It’s been years since I’ve been to Universal Studios Orlando and I finally got to visit during the month of October 2017 to see what all the new rides. Thankfully, the park wasn’t too packed, so I was able to go on every single ride.

Check out my list of 5 rides you MUST go on when visiting Universal Studios Orlando

Number 1: Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit

Roller Coasters and I are soul mates. Which is why I placed this ride as my number 1. It’s perfect in length and you get to choose your own song to listen to while you’re soaring through the ride. The first time I went on, I choose MC Hammer’s “Can’t touch this”. Then next time, it was Beastie Boys “Sabotage”. It’s totally worth the wait. If you can get front row, you won’t regret it.

Number 2: Revenge of The Mummy

Let me tell you, this ride caught me off guard. I didn’t care for this movie when I saw it so I didn’t think anything much when I was going to ride it. Sometimes it’s nice to be left in the dark…. because then you’ll realize how awesome this thrill ride indoor roller coaster is. Again, I’m a sucker for roller coasters of all sizes and I rode this one about 3 times

Number 3: Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts:

Whether you’re a Harry Potter fan or not, let me say that this ride is pretty amazing. I only placed it at number 3 because I’m not a Potter fan. I felt that there were a lot of things that I missed because I’ve only seen one movie from this franchise. Any true fan would place this ride at number 1. This is a 3-D/4-D motion simulation thrill ride. It doesn’t flip upside down but it definitely doesn’t disappoint. Head here first because afterward, you’re going to want to explore Diagon Alley and try some butterbeer!

Number 4: Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon

When I’m home in the US I make sure that I stay awake to watch The Tonight Show. When I’m traveling, I catch the clips on Youtube so I don’t miss anything. I’ve been a fan for quite some time so I was looking forward to this ride. There is an awesome museum before getting on the ride that showcases the previous hosts on The Tonight Show. On the ride, you’ll see your favorite characters like Sara and Hashtag the Panda.

Number 5: ET. Adventure:

This is a universal classic. Relive the 80’s with this movie that will really make you feel like a kid again. Plus it’s the last one to stand out of the three universal parks around the world (Hollywood and Japan). Rumor has it that Steven Spielberg was so upset about the removal of the other two that he threatened to end any relationship with Universal Studios if they shut down the one in Orlando. So thanks, Mr. Spielberg for keeping this classic alive!

Honorable mentions:

Despicable Me Minion Mayhem: If you’re like any normal person, minions have this unexplainable talent of making you laugh. They are too funny to pass up.

Don’t Waste your time on:

  1. The animal show: They lost their touch and now it’s kind of sad to watch.
  2. The Simpsons: Overall just a terrible ride. The world they created is worth checking out, especially if you’re a Simpson fan. But skip the ride. It’s not worth the wait. Not even if it’s 10 minutes.
  3. Men in Black: Same goes for this ride. Just poorly done. Universal really needs to do something about this ride.


Have you planned out your day yet? I hope this post was helpful for your trip. Share with your friends and family if you thought so! If you want to know about costs and options to make your time at Universal Orlando Resorts the best it can be, I’d suggest you read my post about what you need to know before going to Universal. Enjoy the day, wear comfortable shoes and most importantly, HAVE FUN!

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